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The Devil and the Rose

Since I keep posting flower-themed arts lately here you have two of my works which I did last year… they are actually designs done for stickers… and of course, featuring my Ash and Leia. I draw her so rarely, but I just had to draw her so that she’d go along with Ash’s piece. | 2017

+ Adobe Photoshop CC
+ tablet Wacom Cintiq 27QHD
+ Original size is 3198 x 5094px (Ash) and 3037 x 4684px (Leia)
+ I drew it about 14 hours (Ash)
+ Textures by Yuri Shwedoff and Depositphotos

Valentina remenar the devil by valentina remenar

The Devil

Valentina remenar the rose by valentina remenar

The Rose