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Teenager Problems

And here are some drawings with my character Ash as a teenager and his lil' furry companion. These were mostly done for fun and practice since I tried to make it look like that it's an old comic. | 2018

+ Adobe Photoshop CC
+ tablet Wacom Cintiq 27QHD
+ Original size is 2421 x 2923px (top drawing) and 4318 x 7000px (bottom drawing)
+ Textures by Yuri Shwedoff, and

Valentina remenar teenager problems by valentina remenar

Teenager Problems

Valentina remenar teenager problems progress animation by valentina remenar

Teenager Problems - progress

Valentina remenar companion by valentina remenar png


Valentina remenar companion detail by valentina remenar

Companion detail